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Mother Land Nepal Trekking & Expedition (P.) Ltd. is a Tour and Outdoor operator with over two decades of ‘on hands’ experience in Nepal’s tourism sector. The company, locally owned and operated by veteran Nepalese travel operators, has escorted trekkers on adventure trips through formidable and harsh terrain on remote mountainous regions of the Himalayas; and despite the risks involved, we have enjoyed what we do and fully committed to our jobs in providing our guests with well planned adventure programs throughout Nepal. Our itineraries enable you to experience all aspects of this astonishing exciting country.

Our ‘wilderness Adventure’ odysseys cut across less familiar paths while trekking in Nepal and follows the long established trails between friendly villages and ancient trading routes over trailblazing Himalayan passes. Experience over the years has built up our expertise in private itineraries and all of our trips can be designed to suit your personal interests and timeframes.

Mother Land Nepal Trekking conducts over 200 holiday categories that begin in Nepal and go across the borders into Tibet and Bhutan. We have a varied mix of vacations which include: all season outdoor breaks, heritage tours, historical excursions, romantic countryside walks, treks on lesser known trails, wild river rafting, kayaking, remote wilderness treks, overland tours, visiting ancient heritage sites, stimulating mountain bike tours, sacred tours, cultural home stays, volunteer programs of mercy, unique jungle safaris, all domestic and international ticketing services and dependable transportation to take you anywhere across the Himalayas. Our wallet friendly ,‘NO FRILLS’ prices don’t have any shady costing and takes into consideration tourists from all walks of life. Our prices are purely based on travelers who budget their holidays and also keeps in mind the discerning globe trotter who wants to see the world on an economic parallel that hurts no one.

The struggles and challenges we’ve been through down the years has taught us the hard way to enjoy what we do best; linking gaps between faiths and cultures and we’ve learnt it’s a small world we live in, a world with both fruitful similarities and gripping differences.

Our Team…

At MotherLand Nepal Treks it’s our quest to live up to our responsibilities for designing programs that blend with our trailblazing locations. Achieving excellence is always foremost in our minds. It is a way that we give back to the motherland we love by bringing in globetrotters who love nature to our astonishing destinations. And that’s what we do best. Ours is a crew well equipped to meet the challenges of a new age of gritty adventure, and cultured enough to please all savvy travelers. Our guides and porters have trekked every nook and cranny of the Himalayas, and know when what to do and how to do it with a belief that’s developed in the years gone by. Most of our guides were born on the craggy mountains that you seek to trek in on your holidays.

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Environmental Concerns…

At MotherLand Nepal Treks wishes to be more practical in the preaching of commitment to the natural environment and its ecosystems. We are extremely devoted to preserving our natural settings when we plan your holidays and make doubly sure that the area is kept clean on the conclusion of our programs. We are rigid with rules of the Porters Protection Group (www.ippg.net) and ensure our guides and porters are thoroughly equipped and insured to give you hassle free services; their safety and yours is foremost in all our endeavors towards your protection throughout your stay with us when in Nepal.

We’re the World, we’re its children…and the mountains teach us so much about life…
You could be one of our old friends who visited us in the past or totally new to us, nevertheless, we would like to encourage you to look through our varied Small Group Journeys and itineraries featured on our website…

Visit our ‘Mother Land’ Nepal! Enjoy the better of two worlds, one is a world you’re thoroughly familiar with, the other is a world you’ve probably never known…Mother Land Nepal Trekking will introduce you to the lesser known world where you discover the unknown from the known in the green rolling valleys that sit beneath the world’s highest Himalayan skylines…when it’s all done, you will soon realize there’s nowhere else like this!!!

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Our trip planner and the travel team provided us a worldclass experience for a 6 day trip to Iceland. From the initial planning stages and throughout the trip, our trip planner stayed in touch to make sure we had everything we needed. Our guide did a great job of showing us the sites and sharing information about the history and culture of Iceland. We would highly recommend this travel team to anyone who wants to experience this beautiful country and its people in a bespoke way.