The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, perhaps the world's most exclusive tourist destination

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The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is fast emerging from centuries of self imposed isolation, and it is perhaps the world's most exclusive tourist destination. The present Bhutanese king opened the country to tourist in 1974, and it is the Government's policy to regulate tourism in order to pressure the country's pristine environment and the traditional lifestyle of Bhutanese people. Bhutan is a visit to reveals a paradise eith majesic mountain, a unique culture heritage and a land filled with warm-hearted, friendly people.

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  • 9 Days/8 Nights
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Kathmandu, Paro, Drugyal Dzong, Thimpu

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Trekking In Bhutan

Trekking In Bhutan

Bhutan Himalayas are trekking lovers paradise

Bhutan Himalayas are trekking lovers paradise! Most treks are organised expedition style with tents, support staff and horses to carry luggage. We provide comfortable service, so you don't need to worry and just enjoy the stunning mountain landscape! For slightly easier programs with accommodation in hotels and local farmhouses.