Kailash Pilgrimage Tour For 16 Days

Group Size: 15-20 People Max Altitude: m
Destination: Tibet Difficulty:
Cost: $ Duration: 16 Days/16 Nights
Arrival at: Departure from:

Trip Introduction

In shape it resembles a vast cathedral......the sides of the mountain are perpendicular and fall sheer for hundreds of feet, the strata horizontal, the layers of stone varying slightly in colour, and the dividing lines showing up clear and distinct......which give to the entire mountain the appearance of having been built by giant hands, of huge blocks of reddish stone. The Great Plateau,
Capt. C.G. Rawling, London, 1905

Mt. Kailash, at 6714 m, also known as Tise, Kailasa & Kang Rinpoche (Jewel of the Snows), has since time immemorial been celebrated in many Eastern cosmologies as Mt. Meru, the axis mundi. And as the center of the physical & metaphysical universe, Mt. Meru is sacred to the Buddhist, Jains, the Hindus & the Bonpos. For the Hindus, the mountain represents the seat of Lord Shiva; for the Buddhists, a terrestrial projection of the cosmic Mandela of Dhyani - Buddha’s & Bodhisattvas....The wheel of Life; for the Bonpos, Kailash was the sacred nine storey Swastika Mountain, upon which the Bonpo founder Sherab alighted from heaven. Four of the great rivers of the Indian subcontinent originate from here: the Karnali, which feeds into the Ganges (south); the Indus (north); the Sutlez (west) & the Brahmaputra (Yarlung Tsangpo, east).

May 4, 9*, 18, 25 Jun 2, 9*, 16, 23, 30 Jul 2, 9*, 16, 23, 30
Aug 6*, 13, 20, 27 Sep 3, 10, 17*, 24 (* = Full moon departures)


Day 01 : Kathmandu
Arrive at airport to be met by our representative and transfer to hotel.

Day 02 : Kathmandu : Sightseeing tour of Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, and Kathmandu Durbar Square.
Day 03 : Kathmandu-Zhangmu, 1900 m, 121 km : From Kathmandu the road climbs steadily uphill out of the Kathmandu valley past, breathtaking views through a luxuriant, deep gorge shifting to a windy barren pass.
Day 04 : Nyalam 3750 m, 30 km : A leisure drive to Nyalam. Rest & acclimatize.
Day 05 : Saga, 4350 m, 250 km : The road follows south of the Peigutso, continues across the plain with stunning Himalayan views. The route then follows a narrow gorge before climbing to a pass and dropping steeply down to a ferry crossing over the Yarlung Tsangpo.
Day 06 : Paryang, 4500 m, 255 km : From Saga it is 145 km to Dongba. The road is good & the trip can be completed in 4-5 hrs. There is also a small monastery at the western end of town on a hill. This section of the road has panoramic views of mountains on either side of the road.
Day 07 : Lake Manasarovar, 4560 m, 260 km : From Paryang to Lake Manasarovar is a long drive of 7 hrs or more. There will be several river crossings & we drive past Mayum Ia pass (4600 M). The scenery is stunningly beautiful with panoramic views of the Himalayas. 0/N tented accommodation.
Day 08 : Darchen (4660 M), 30 km : About 30 kms north of Lake Manasarovar is Darchen, the main gateway to Mt. Kailash. Here we organize yaks or ponies for the Kailash circuit trek.
Day 09 : Kailash – Tarboche - Diraphuk : This Kailash circuit covers 53 kms & can be done in 3 days. We head west in clockwise direction & after a few kilometers the trail climbs up to a cairn at 4730 m from where the southern face of Mt. Kailash comes to view. En-route visit Tarboche where annual flagpole raising ceremony takes place during Saga Dawa.
Day 10 : Diraphuk - Zutrulphuk, 4790 : Toady we cross Drolma Ia pass (5630 M) & Gauri Kund Lake (5608 m) where Hindus worship & immerse themselves in the icy waters of the lake.
Day 11 : Darchen - Lake Manasarovar : The final end of the parikrama is an easy 2-3 hrs walk down to where the river emerges on to the Barga plain. We complete the 3 day circuit trek of Mt. Kailash & drive 57 KM to Hor Qu at Lake Manasarovar.
Day 12 : Paryang
Day 13 : Saga
Day 14 : Nyalam
Day 15 : Drive via Zhangmu & cross Friendship Bridge to Kodari border where you will be met by our representative. We then drive to Kathmandu.
Day 16 : Transfer to airport for your flight back home.

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