Group Size: 10-10 People Max Altitude: 8163 m
Destination: Nepal Difficulty:
Cost: $ Duration: 56 Days/59 Nights
Arrival at: Departure from:

Trip Introduction

Pristine mountain views, rich culture and genuine adventure sum up the trek experience to the base of Mt. Manaslu. Opened in 1992, this area offers a combination of rich culture heritage, unsurpassed beauty and biological diversity. Beginning in Gorkha, home of the celebrated Gorkha soldier, visit the ancient palace of King Prithivi Narayan Shah. Soon after civilization fades and we glimpse ancient villages, observing the simple agricultural habits of its people.

 From here, begin your ascent through the Gandaki river valley, fed by innumerable rivers and waterfalls and plunge into its bathing pools. From here, the strenuous section begins to outnumber people in a rocky landscape. In Samagaon (3450m.), visit the glacial green lake of Birendra, before crossing into mystic Samdo, a mere 15 km from the Tibetan Border. Here, Tibetan monks inhabit sacred monasteries. There, combined with the view of Tibetan plateaus against stark white Himalayan makes this a truly spiritual place. Continuing, more monasteries await you in Larkya bazaar, along with your biggest challenge – crossing Larkya pass. Snow covered peaks reaching over 6500mt, demand your utmost respect as you are crossing, quite literally, the top of the world. The relaxing descent will take you through alpine, tropical areas bursting  with terns, bamboo's, pine, waterfalls and aqua-blue green lakes laced with cotton-white beaches. Finally, the Manaslu will disappear behind you as you descend to Beshisahar (832m.). This week's excursion will leave you with a sense of peace and respect for the people of Nepal and its ecological wonder.


Day 01 : Kathmandu - Gokhara by land transportation.
Day 02 : Khanchok.
Day 03 : Arughat.
Day 04 : Soti.
Day 05 : Nobise Khola.
Day 06 : Khola Bensi.
Day 07 : Jaghar.
Day 08 : Aghala Ghar.
Day 09 : Hungpal.
Day 10 : Namru.
Day 11 : Honsanhas Gompa.
Day 12 : Samagoan.
Day 13 : Rest day.
Day 14 : Kharka camp.
Day 15 : Manslu B. C.
Days 16-50 : Climbing period.
Day 51 : Samagoan
Day 52 : Samdo Tibetan Refugee.
Day 53 : Bhanjyang.
Day 54 : Sangure Kharka.
Day 55 : Kilte Gaon.
Day 56 : Tal.
Day 57 : Bahudanda.
Day 58 : Khuldi Bazaar.
Day 59 : Beshi Sahar
Day 60 : Beshi Shar to Kathmandu by land transportation.

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