About us

Payment Options and Method :-

The company offers two feasible and safe options for payment i.e. Booking deposit can be made by bank transfer or by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard). Please follow the information provided on the booking form. The details for the two payment methods are:

  • Payment by Wire Transfer :-

Beneficiary Company           : Mother Land Nepal Trekking & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Beneficiary : Nursing Chowk, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Bankers Name                       : HIMALAYAN BANK LIMITED

Account number U S $         : 01900106900037

Swift Code                        : HIMANPKA

Account Type                    : U S $ Current account

Bankers Address               : STATE/ PROVINCE 3 , Thamel , Kathmandu Nepal. Post Code / ZIP 44600

Bank Telephone No           : 00977-4227749/ 4250201

Telefax                             : 00977 4222800

Telex                                 : 2789 HIBA NP


We make it clear that we are not liable for any delays or loss that might occur during the transaction process . If Incase due to use of mediator bank or any other reasons If the amount we receive is less than the amount you sent due to any reason, you will have to pay the remaining amount upon arriving in Nepal.

We also request you to email us the bank transfer reference number or remittance slips after you make the transfer with sander details.


  • Payment by Credit Card :-

We strongly recommend you to fill the necessary details on the form including credit cards details , signature ( same as in your passport & credit Card) with precision. Click here to Download the form (* PDF version ) Thereafter, you must email at: motherlandtrekking@gmail.com Along with copy of your passport or ID copy . Himalayan Bank Limited ( credit Card Division ) will charge your credit card on the behalf of Mother Land Nepal Trekking and Expeditions P.Ltd .

All payments made via Credit Card are subject to 4 % surcharge. Surcharges apply to all payments including deposits, final balances, trip extension, and miscellaneous purchases. Please be aware that this charge is levied by the credit card payment service provider Himalayan Bank Limited and not by the company. These charges are in the benefit of the customer as it provides consumer protection for the services purchased, in accordance with the terms and conditions pertaining to the credit card being used.