Mother Land Nepal Privacy & Disclaimer

Mother Land Nepal Privacy & Disclaimer

Mother Land Nepal Trekking and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. Assures you that we do not sell or misuse any of the information that you provide to us on this website. We do our best to ensure that the details of your information are secure and are never used for any other purposes.


We also make it clear that we do not rent, sell, or indulge in such activities with any other party. We are anti-spam and if you receive any information from us it will only if you choose to hear from us. You can do so by agreeing to join our mail list or receive the response to any of your queries. It can also be requested by any of your friends with access to your email so, we are not liable for providing you information on such conditions. You can choose to be removed from our database and receive no further information.


We are an eco-friendly company and make sure that our involvement with the local environs does not bring forth massive impact upon the natural resources. We aware our clients of the do's and don'ts on the trips beforehand. Our trips involve the use of renewable resources and strictly prohibit the use of any material that can harm the existing environment. We also discourage littering and dispose of any rubbish at dustbins and other designated sites.


What is the personally identifiable information collected by Mother Land Nepal Trekking and Expedition?

Visitors might have to provide their credentials like Name, Address, Email, and Phone Number on this site as per their necessity and preference. These credentials are required to register for our services like newsletters and emails. You can also choose to provide such information to inquire about a trip and its details. We do not ask you to provide such information unless you make a request for our services in return. This means that you are identifying yourself to us and providing personally identifiable details.


How is the information used?

The above-mentioned information is used only when you request our services unless stated otherwise. This information is only used for the purpose of offering our services that you request. Such critical information is never sold or used for any other purposes. This information is never revealed to the third party without your consent.



The personally identifiable information is not accessible by any other party except Mother Land Nepal Trekking and Expedition. This information can be accessed by the employees of the Mother Land Nepal Trekking and Expedition who work on verifying and procuring different services of your choosing. The details of Credit Card or any other International Cards when you book a trip are not stored in the database of the Company.


You have the freedom to unsubscribe from receiving any email by Mother Land Nepal Trekking and Expedition at any given time.



You have the freedom to change, update, or correct the information that you provided us in the past. To do so, you may contact us via email at motherlandtrekking@gmail.com


What anonymous information is collected on this site?

Anonymous click stream information such as date and time, pages viewed, browser type, and IP addresses are collected from all the visitors on the site. However, this information is not used to make an association between the user and his/her identity.


How is it used?

We only use such information to generate reports of behavioral profiles. These are necessary to develop engaging and relevant contents in the future. We again state that this information is not used to make an association between the user and his/her identity.


How does this site use cookies?

Cookies are used to store the information regarding anonymous click stream and are also saved the devices of regular viewers. Upon landing at the homepage of the site, the website will ask for your permissions and you can choose to enable or disable cookies for our site.



The website of Mother Land Nepal Trekking and Expedition may contain links to foreign sites. However, we encourage you to read the privacy and disclaimer statements of those sites as well, since they may differ from ours.


E-mail Links

We make the use of the email details provided by the visitors to solely contact them via email. Such actions are only done if the visitor makes inquiries about any service or trips that we offer.


Legal Disclaimer

We may disclose the personally identifiable information only if required by the law. Such actions are only done to comply with the rules of law and legal procedures involving Mother Land Nepal Trekking and Expedition.


Sensitive Information

Any and all sensitive information regarding your race, religion, sexual preferences, criminal record, or health information are only collected with your consent.



We refrain from the use of identifiers set by other agencies or service providers to determine the identity of our visitors.


Privacy Legislation

Mother Land Nepal welcomes only the Privacy Amendments (Private Sector) Act of Nepal and privacy principles that the Act introduces.